catalog#: unfound65
date: april 8 2012
artist: juan zolbaran
title: spells and shadows
artwork: unfound65.jpg
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full release: lossless flac format (231 MB)
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tracklisting (click on mp3 or flac to download individual tracks):

mp3     flac     01. soft k1
mp3     flac     02. lost your mind
mp3     flac     03. spell
mp3     flac     04. sand clock
mp3     flac     05. groovear

unfoundsound is pumped to present juan zolbaran from buenos aires, argentina. on spells and shadows, he liquifies your mind and body with a five-track joyride. you get deep tech-house that is groovy, atmospheric, psychedelic and playfully experimental. play it at the big club. play it at home. play it on a skyscraper rooftop in new york city. and let it flow.

mastered by leonel castillo
artwork by dan droff