catalog#: unfound58
date: july 12 2011
artist: ronan portela
title: beat up remixes
artwork: unfound58.jpg
full release: mp3 format (91 MB)
full release: lossless flac format (271 MB)
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tracklisting (click on mp3 or flac to download individual tracks):

mp3     flac     01. beat up (omar salgado remix)
mp3     flac     02. beat up (ariel rodz remix)
mp3     flac     03. beat up (leo portela remix)
mp3     flac     04. beat up (urss remix)
mp3     flac     05. beat up (smoke inc. remix)
mp3     flac     06. beat up (the second remix)

ronan portela's track "beat up" was released on foundsound in september 2009, and the track has since become one of the most selling and most played tracks ever released on foundsound. here we offer six dj-friendly remixes of the hit track -- for free! you get some nice tech-house and deep house reworks courtesy of omar salgado, ariel rodz, leo portela, urss, smoke inc. (a.k.a. santorini and pepper), and the second.

mastered by ronan portela
artwork by dan droff