catalog#: unfound57
date: june 3 2011
artist: alex medina
title: highlife
artwork: unfound57.jpg
full release: mp3 format (154 MB)
full release: lossless flac format (421 MB)
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tracklisting (click on mp3 or flac to download individual tracks):

mp3     flac     01. highlife interlude
mp3     flac     02. amigo nzales
mp3     flac     03. less altered
mp3     flac     04. popsicool
mp3     flac     05. lady baba
mp3     flac     06. nusa lembongan
mp3     flac     07. el club de poca humo
mp3     flac     08. balance
mp3     flac     09. no more games

unfoundsound is stoked to present the label's second artist album courtesy of alex medina of spain's canary islands. you get nine tracks (67 minutes) of quirky tech-house, leftfield minimalism, stoned deep grooves and deep dancefloor killers. for djs and non-djs alike, highlife is refreshingly delicious and irresistibly useful. eat it up, and let the groovy taste stay in your mouth until the end of time.

mastered by ronan portela
artwork by guenda herrera